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New York’s Private Network of Family Co-ops

About Homeschooler House is New York’s Private Network of Family Co-ops. A social network that is for homeschoolers, by homeschoolers! If you consider yourself as taking the more traditional homeschooling approach, and wanting to connect more consistently in real life with other families nearby… this is the place for you!

Join or create your family co-op on the site and use the Members Map and groups to organize together and start your own new co-op (or join an existing one). The shared Hallway space is where everyone can connect and share ideas regardless of which co-op(s) you’re in, and the community-curated calendar is a cleaner and more focused space for events we’re all interested in (without getting too confusing and noisy like certain other social networks).

Once you’re in the community, set Homeschooler House up as an app on your mobile device for the best experience (instructions are pinned at the top of the Hallway once inside).

Unlike other massive social platforms that are NOT built for homeschoolers, Homeschooler House doesn’t have a mysterious “algorithm” that decides what you see and don’t see. The main activity feed in Hallway shows you every post in chronological order. You won’t miss a thing!

And why work harder when we’re all doing amazing and unique things in our own households and family co-ops? Under the same “roof”, we have the incredible opportunity to share resources, lessons, activities and other ideas so we can all benefit from each other’s genius.

And with our monthly community Zoom call at the end of each month, we’ll discuss TOGETHER a loose “blueprint” for ideas for next month’s activities and focuses across the co-ops, providing a plan for any co-op to utilize and modify for the month ahead (taking everyone’s ideas and suggestions into account). This is an powerful benefit and resource for new homeschool families and co-ops especially, but really it benefits us all because we’re planning and thinking together.

If you join us, we hope you’ll make Homeschooler House part of your daily “social media” habits, visit and contribute often, and watch your “HousePoints” soar (that’s our point system that shows member engagement).

Will we see you in the House?

Shared Main Hallway

Connect with everyone in the community in this central space.

Homeschool-Focused Groups & Separate Family Co-Op Spaces

Groups for everything and everyone, most importantly our private spaces for each family-led co-op.

Shared Resources Library

Work smarter, not harder! Let’s share our resources and documents so everyone benefits from each other’s hard work.

Community-Curated Calendar

Our calendar is clean and clear and focused entirely on the events and meetups that this community deems worthy of sharing.

Members Map

One of our top features! See where everyone else is so you can connect with the right families nearby.

Members Directory

Search members based on location, availability, and more.

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Joining Homeschooler House is free, and you’ll be all set up in a matter of minutes. Members who wish to help us keep this platform running may choose to become “Angel Members” once inside.

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Bobby Vincench

Homeschool dad, founder and owner of Free Minds Thrive, certified Life Legacy Coach at Your Thriving Legacy, speaker, author, truth seeker and health conscious

Grace Salvaggio

Homeschool mom, Certified teacher (birth-6th grade and ESOL), all about earth consciousness and holistic health

About US

Our Story

When we started exploring the idea of homeschooling our daughter before she was born, we were initially a bit overwhelmed by what was possible and required to do it right. But we had an intuitive, instinctual feeling that this method of educating our child and providing her the best life experiences was worth figuring out. Thanks to the many incredible resources available today, we quickly discovered that not only could we better educate our child than public or private school could, but that it wasn’t quite as daunting as it seemed at first. We committed to homeschooling before she hit school age, and the next step was deciding HOW we wanted to do it. We align most with the traditional homeschooling approach, where we teach her at home and out and about in the world, and team up with other families to teach together and provide more social opportunities. We quickly discovered that the current tools and social platforms out there today aren’t designed with homeschoolers in mind (Big Tech social media platforms are too distracting and “noisy”), and this makes forming and organizing a family co-op with other families more difficult than it should be. So we created Homeschooler House, a place FOR HOMESCHOOLERS AND BY HOMESCHOOLERS, to be an online community for homeschool families engaged in traditional homeschooling to connect outside the grip of Big Tech platforms. Happy to be here with you!


Healthy Natural Living

Our community values a healthy lifestyle as the cornerstone of well-rounded individuals and families. We believe that prioritizing healthy living not only enhances physical wellbeing but also contributes to overall success in academics, emotions, and life. Families are encouraged to prioritize nutritious diets, regular physical activity, outdoor exploration, and positive mental health practices. Through shared resources, healthy communal practices, wellness initiatives, and a supportive network, we create an empowering environment where each family thrives together.


Limited Screen Time

We encourage families to set reasonable limits on screen time for both children and adults, fostering face-to-face interactions and outdoor activities. This is especially important when family co-ops within this community are coming together in-person, as the children see each other’s good and bad habits and learn from each other. By providing shared strategies and support, we empower each family to find a harmonious balance between technology use and opportunities for authentic personal growth beyond screens.


Openness and Honesty

Free speech reigns at Homeschooler House. As this platform is strictly for American users who live on Long Island (NY), the First Amendment applies here and is enthusiastically supported. Think and speak lawfully as you wish. While we encourage a positive space, discussion and debate are natural, expected, and perfectly normal. Keep it clean, keep it supportive, but speak up.


Frequently Asked

Is Homeschooler House an actual co-op?

Homeschooler House is NOT a co-op, but rather an online space providing a platform for self-organized family co-ops in New York to work smarter together instead of harder apart. Each co-op group has its own guidelines, agreements between families, schedule, and so on. But as part of the Homeschooler House network, all of the family co-ops have a clear and focused platform with which to connect, collaborate and contribute. Homeschooler House is providing the virtual space and some in-person opportunities for families across New York to create and organize family co-ops.

Does it cost money to be part of this?

Homeschooler House is 100% FREE. The Long Island family behind Homeschooler House decided not to charge any money for families to join and use most of the features of the site. If you are getting value from this platform, you may choose to become an “Angel Member” for $7/month and help us cover the costs of operating and maintaining this community website (this is 100% voluntary). We may also sell things to help bring in money (such as merchandise on our “Free Minds Thrive” Etsy shop), in order to ensure we can keep the community free to join.

I'm confused by co-ops... Is this a drop-off kind of thing?

In the homeschool community, the word “co-op” seems to have evolved recently as the population of homeschool families has exploded and new kinds of arrangements have formed. Originally, it was a group of families working cooperatively and coming together to educate the kids, either by taking turns teaching/leading/hosting or by hiring a teacher for their group of children. In this situation, parents would typically stay with their kids (not drop off). This is what Homeschooler House is supporting and promoting with our private online platform. Families forming small co-op groups together and working together with other co-ops in a variety of ways so that we’re all working smarter, not harder.

Many “drop off co-ops” these days may be considered as such because they have significant parent involvement (teaching, volunteering in other ways) even though children are dropped off for a portion of the day. Without family involvement, you would traditionally call such places “enrichment centers” (among other terms). There are many terrific drop off co-ops across Long Island for those days and times when this is what you’re looking for. While we as a homeschool family ourselves are supportive of all the great homeschool resources and arrangements out there, drop off co-ops are not what Homeschooler House is directly promoting with our platform.

Many homeschool families on Long Island will find their own combination of things to get homeschooling right for them while following the requirements of New York State. Perhaps you are mostly educating your child at home and as part of a family co-op with other families, while also dropping your kid off somewhere a portion of the week. Some prefer to exclusively educate at home and with other families. It’s up to each family to understand those requirements and find the right approach for them. 

At Homeschooler House, we’re making it easier and more beneficial for homeschool families across Long Island to come together and provide our amazing kids with the best educational and life experience opportunities possible, while tapping into the genius of other families across the island.


Can't I just use other social media platforms to connect with homeschool families?

Yes, you can. In fact, that’s what we did before creating Homeschooler House, and we still use some other platforms to learn and connect. But for the purposes of joining, creating and organizing a family co-ops to work with other families together, there is no platform more clear, intentional and focused than Homeschooler House to make this happen. No distractions, none of the noise, and only other families looking exactly for the same thing as you are. We’re happy to have you!

Join For Free Today!

Joining Homeschooler House is free, and you’ll be all set up in a matter of minutes. Members who wish to help us keep this platform running may choose to become “Angel Members” once inside.

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